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    Questions and answers

    Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers:

    • What is the maximum vehicle height?

      The maximum vehicle height is 2 metres.

    • Do I need to book parking space in advance?

      Our car park has several hundred spaces spread across two floors.
      There is usually enough space for everyone,
      and we do not therefore take any bookings.

    • Do I have to book the "Dresdner Ferienparken" extra?

      The special prices for holiday parks are calculated automatically at the pay machine. A reservation is not necessary. For more information, select the menu item "Tariffs" on our website.

    • What do I do if I’ve lost my parking ticket?

      Either go to the pay point and choose the option “Lost ticket” or contact our staff at the control centre on the 1st basement floor.

    • Do you have number plate recognition?

      When you enter the car park, your number plate will be recognised. If you lose your parking ticket, our number plate recognition system will enable us to identify the relevant fee.
      Once you’ve left our car park, your number plate will be deleted from our system.
      You may also wish to note our Data Privacy Policy at the entrance and in our Terms and Conditions of Parking.

    • Is the underground car park barrier-free?

      Our underground car park has an elevator and escalator as well as extra-wide parking spaces for people with disabilities; it can therefore be used very well by wheelchair users, families with children, the elderly and people with disabilities. Please contact us if you need any help. The underground car park is manned during normal business hours. In autumn 2021, our underground car park was rated “very good” by the ACE Club initiative “Arriving better without barriers”.


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    • How wide are the parking spaces?

      We offer the convenience of particularly wide, sloping parking spaces, which make parking in and out of parking spaces particularly convenient and clear. The entire parking and traffic area in the underground car park Wiener Platz / Hbf. is also flat, there are no curbs.

    • Is there direct access from the IC Hotel to the underground car park?

      Yes, there is direct access from the hotel to the underground car park. For short walking distances, please park in the 1st basement in the area of the entrance and follow the signs to the IC Hotel.

    • Gibt es einen Zugang vom Hauptbahnhof direkt in die Tiefgarage?

      No, there is no direct access from the central station to the underground car park. However, it is only a few steps from our exits on Wiener Platz to the entrances to the main train station. In the area of the central staircase there is an elevator and escalators that make it easier for you to transport heavy luggage.

    • Is there direct access from the "Kugelhaus" to the underground car park?

      Yes, there is direct access from the Kugelhaus to the underground car park. The entrance is in the 1st basement. Please note that access is only open during the day.

    • Why are the staircases locked at Wiener Platz?

      Coming from Wiener Platz, you can easily access the staircases to the car park with your parking ticket.
      However, this option is not available to anyone without such a ticket. This is to ensure that our car park stays safe and clean.

    • Can I enter the car park on a motorbike?

      No, we regret that motorbikes are not permitted in our car park.

    • Can I enter the car park in an electric vehicle?

      Yes, electric vehicles are welcome in our car park.
      Recent research conducted by DEKRA has shown that the fire hazard and damage caused by an electric vehicle is similar to that of a vehicle with a combustion engine.



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