Logo1 kleinParkhaus Wiener Platz
Dresden Hauptbahnhof


    All prices include VAT.

    Short-term parking fees

    Per hour or part thereof             €   2.00
    Daily maximum                          € 16.00

    Long-term parking fees

    Holiday parking - 1 week           € 45.00
    Holiday parking - 2 weeks         € 87.00

    • Continuous parking (no return)
    • No registration or booking required

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    Permanent parking fee

    € 95.20 per month inc. VAT

    • Only available on contract
    • No time limit
    • No payment at pay points

    Terms and conditions for permanent parking

    • Start of parking period: 1st or 15th day of month
    • Minimum period: 3 months
    • Cancellation period: 3 months
    • Available 24/7
    • Use any underground parking space
    • Entry with number plate recognition or own permanent parking permit

    Discounts and rebates

    We have arrangements with numerous partners around Wiener Platz.

    Our partners will be pleased to give you discount when you show your short-term parking ticket.

    You will receive either a rebate voucher or a thermal stamp on your parking ticket.

    Before proceeding to the vehicle exit, simply go to one of our pay points and insert your parking ticket. If your discount has been stamped onto the ticket, the machine will display the remaining amount.

    If you have a rebate voucher, insert it after your parking ticket, so that its value can be deducted from the parking fee.

    Please remember that any discounts you receive are voluntary services provided by our partners. We have no control over discounts or rebates granted by our partners.

    Our partners


    〉  go to website

    Direct access from car park to Kugelhaus from 1st basement floor.

    ICHotel Logo

    〉  go to website

    Direct access from car park to Intercity Hotel from 1st basement floor. To shorten your walking route, park near the entrance (signposted).



    DÜRR Liegenschaften GmbH & Co. KG
    Tiefgarage Wiener Platz / Hauptbahnhof Dresden

    Wiener Platz 3
    01069 Dresden


    E-Mail:    info@duerr-liegenschaften.de
    Phone:    +49 (0)351 / 4845310

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